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Über Mich

My Lab is my heart, which combined with my experience, passion and commitment to the fulfillment of human potential create a home for human shifters!
From coaching clients in my home living room to a thriving coaching academy – Gabriela Embon Académie du Coaching’s success is tied to my passion and perseverance.

In 2004, I moved to Canada in the search of a better future for my growing family. Change and adaptation is something I am at ease with. I have lived in three different countries across three continents and have served for two years in the armed forces.

At the age of 35, after giving birth my three beautiful children and having fulfilled myself as a Chemical Engineer I decided, «to give birth to myself».

My soul searching lead me to my passion for creating impact in people’s lives and I decided to go back to school and certify as a life coach and Theta Healer.

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As a certified life coach I continued to develop my entrepreneurial and professional skills. I trained with the “The Journey” world renowned healing and transformational technique and the “ThetaHealing®” globally recognized technique. 
I hold a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, with eight years of experience in the field, leading technical projects and training large groups of technicians.


"I seemed to have it all. Married, beautiful wife, three healthy kids in private schools, nice house… But despite the outside perfect appearance we were impoverished inside. My wife and I faced marital challenges for the past 6 years and were near divorce. “Everything” was collapsing. We approached Gabriela for help hoping to save our marriage. Through the process we had couple sessions and individual ones. Having “mastered” some important tools I feel more empowered to deal with the daily life. I feel confident in myself. I have a different approach that has led to a shift in our marital relationship. I’ve gained better control over myself, my emotions and consequently, my life. I feel relieved of most of unhealthy stress. And life looks more appealing nowadays"

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

"When I met Gabriela, I had been struggling with living in the past and it was very difficult for me to move forward in my life. I had been in and out of therapy for years before and never came close to the clarity and change I experienced working with Gabriela. Gabriela pinpointed with laser accuracy and in such a short time, exactly where the blockage was coming from and provided strategies and formulas to make powerful and lasting changes. After completing 1 Journey session, I felt the release of all the baggage that I had been carrying with me for years – this alone helped give me the energy and stability to be a better mother, improved my marriage and got a job after 10 years out of the workforce. Gabriela is amazing in her approach, her leading-edge techniques and her natural intuitive spirit and intelligenc"

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

"I met Gabriela when I was going through a very difficult time at both my marriage and career. I was undergoing a severe depression and had completely lost hope for a better future. With an utmost seriousness and professionalism Gabriela used a whole different set of techniques to address my worst fears and to remove them from their source. Today, I’m a different person who is no longer depressed, quite the opposite – I’m joyful and hopeful about my future in all aspects of my life. Gabriela has a lot to do with this change. I will forever be indebted to her help during such a difficult time and I wish she will continue to help other people as she helped me."

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

" I know the value of coaching but never expected what she had to offer to help me get over a hump I had been carrying for far too long. No traditional therapy could have helped me through dealing with trauma that I thought I had come to grips with but that in fact was still holding me back in a very debilitating yet subtle way. Gabriela told me we would need 4 appointments and in fact that is all it took. Through Theta Healing sessions, I got tremendous breakthroughs and best of all, it got me back on track with full excitement for my life and projects."

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

" When log jams occur, waterways don’t flow. They block, they flood and they overwhelm. Gabriela Embon helped me to indentify, to prioritize and then to solve the issues causing my log jam. Once these things were cleared away my life began to flow again. I wanted this to happen and, with Gabriela’s coaching, I did it."

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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