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Über Mich

G Ruthara is the founder and CEO of Holistic Innovation, a company that provides services and workshops on personal and professional empowerment through alternate healing methods such as Theta Healing, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Mind Programming and advanced meditation techniques.

G Ruthara is a ThetaHealing® Instructor, Reiki Master, Past Lives therapist, Healer and a Counselor. For over 20 years, she has devoted her life to helping people discover and develop their own unique qualities as well as heal their bodies and minds. She has served as a consultant to organizations like Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited, Clasic Group and as a healer treating patients suffering from cancer and chronic diseases at the Apollo Specialty Hospital, Chennai, India. In 2007, she won the ""Best Achiever Award in Holistic Science"" at the regional event celebrating International Women’s Day in Dubai, UAE

G Ruthara practices her art in India, United Arab Emirates, Africa and the United States of America. She has appeared in National television in the United States of America, raising awareness for Clasic group's old age home project. In her spare time she is passionate about reading spiritual books and listening to soft soul lifting music.

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Credentials and Certifications
Heal Your Life® - Based on the Philosophy of Louise Hay
Workshop Leader Training - Workshop Leader/Coach
Teen Self-emPOWERment - A Heal Your Life® Program
Certified Workshop Leader Trainer
Heal Your Life® 'Heart Centered Business Training and Coaching'
for the Business World
Inherited Family Trauma: Diagnosis and Resolution
Training with Mark Wolynn - The Family Constellation Institute
Spiritual Competency Resource Center
Certification of Attendance
3-day Intensive Inherited Family Trauma
Training by Mark Wolynn, Family Constellation Institute
Ancestral Lineage Healing Intensive, Berkeley
The Healing Heart Inc., Bigfork, Montana 
Experience Freedom! :  Emotional Release Practioner
Experience Freedom! :  Emotional Release Instructor
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Courses
Tapping the Matrix Academy - EFT Level 1 Certification
Tapping the Matrix Academy - EFT Level 2 Certification.
Matrix Reimprinting Course
EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Academy - Certified Practitioner
New Haven Native American Church For Shamanic Healing
Individual Spiritual Adoption - Instructor/ Medicine Woman, Healer of People, Animals, Community, Planet.
The Foundation for Shamanic Studies - Institute of Michael Harner
The Way of the Shaman® 
Shamanic Extraction Healing Training, 
Shamanism, Dying and Beyond
Power Soul Retrieval Training™
Access Consciousness 
Certification of Completion - Access The Bars ® Facilitator
Certification of Completion - Access Facelift ® Facilitator
Reiki Grand Master and Karuna Reiki®  
Karuna Reiki, Reiki Grand Master 2 year Training
Past Life Regression Therapist
Dr. Brian Weiss, The Learning Annex
Dr. Carole A Carbone, The International Association of Past Life therapists, USA 
Awakening your Light Body Teacher
Duane Packer, Lumin Essence Productions
Magnified Healing
Silva Graduate and Alpha Mind Teacher 
​Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) 
Tachyon Institute For Spirituality and Science
​Ramtha's School Of Enlightenment 
Spiritual Training, Yelm, USA
Su Jok Acupuncture Advanced Course  Prof.Park Jae Woo, Moscow
Kundalini Yoga Teacher Traning
Vedathri Maharishi, Aalayur, Tamil Nadu, India
Certificate of Master Course in Vethathiri Maharishi Kundalini Yoga & Kayakalpa Research Foundation
Advanced Alpha Brain Wave Training Program 
Dr. James Hardt, The Biocybernaut Institute Santa Clara, California, USA.
​Unleash the Power Within you - Personal Empowerment
Anthony Robbins, San Jose, California, USA
Self Empowerment Training Aporesh Acharya, Chennai, India
Pradeep Agarwal, Chennai, India
Transcendental Meditation
Lama Fera
Sujok Acupuncture
Pranic Healing
Vedic Healing
Melchizedek Method of Healing
Bach Flower Remedies
Sai Sanjeevini
Mercaba Meditation
Abundance workshop
Crystal Healing
Pendulum Workshop
Spiritual Healing
Siddha Healing


"I have been to quite a few energy healers in my quest for personal growth and journey toward learning alternative healing methods. G Ruthara has been a great teacher who embodies everything I was looking for in that journey. I had a profound life changing experience after doing three levels of ThetaHealing with G Ruthara relating specifically to the area I felt that was blocked in my life. I was truly astounded to have such tangible results. I went into my experience with her with very little expectations and if anything just wanted to explore energy healing and movement connected to some areas of my life in which I felt stuck in. G Ruthara is a treasure chest of knowledge. She lends a great ear and our talks have definitely assisted in my healing. she is non judgemental and she is loving and compassionate :) She comes from an ancient line of healers as seen through her incredible sense of intuition. She has an instinctive ability to dig deep into a problem and pull out the forces that are holding us back. With her powerful healing and care I was able to spot the problems that were going on within. If you find yourself on a search for something that will help you break old negative patterns of behaving & thinking...get in touch with her. Approach with an open heart & mind and I am sure you will be glad that you did. Love & Gratitude God bless you !!"

Dr. Zia M Sheikh M.D.
Olean, New York, USA

"G. Ruthara is an experienced, intelligent teacher who can quickly guide you through a Theta Healing course. I was surprised at the number of subconscious beliefs I was holding on to after years of psychotherapy, as well as training as a psychiatrist. This program is not for the faint of heart, as the digging process is very direct, and designed to quickly get to core beliefs that are creating problems for you. G Ruthara is very intuitive and responsive to participants needs and she has a very open and non-judgmental attitude. I felt safe to share the reasons I had certain beliefs and, with her guidance, was able to decide to change many of them. She also is a motivator to her students and emphasizes that changes do not stick unless there is commitment to daily self practice. I felt much freer and lighter after the classes and really enjoyed learning about Theta from G. Ruthara. "

Dr. Veronique Haymon MD
New Orleans, USA

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