Maria Telidou

An Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor, Master, Certificate of Science


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Über Mich

Maria Telidou born 1971 in Athens Greece,

has graduated from the Athens University as a Professor of Physical Education and Sports. She has worked as a sports trainer and teacher in Greece and in England. From the year 2000 and for the next 10 years she lived in India in AMMA’S spiritual and charity organization,, as a volunteer, organizing ecological programs and studying the eastern spiritual teachings.

At the same time, as a believer of holistic health she studied effective alternative treatments in different countries. She is qualified in Thai-massage, a type of physiotherapeutic massage and she regularly attends yoga seminars and anything that has to do with people and their spiritual and physical balance. One of her many hobbies is dancing, singing and the making of natural body care products.

However ThetaHealing® caught her attention more than anything else and became her full time occupation.

Maria Telidou was the first to introduce and teach systematically ΤhetaHealing® in Greece in  2011. She works fulltime as a ΤhetaHealer® offering individual sessions, and as a ΤhetaHealing® Instructor, regularly organizing ΤhetaHealing® seminars all over Greece. She constantly upgrades her knowledge by studying the full range of ΤhetaHealing® seminars and attends the required courses for ΤhetaHealing® Instructor, which supervise and guarantee the quality of teachers and their continuous development.

Maria is the founder of “Theta Innerplace ®” a bussines for promoting ThetaHealing® in Greece and worldwide.

Maria supervised and co-translated Vianna Stibal’s books in Greek, “ΤhetaHealing®” and “Advanced ΤhetaHealing®” and all the Greek manuals.

Maria very enthusiastically promotes Thetahealing® in Greece participating in all Greek Alternative Healing exhibitions and festivals.

She holds the ThetaHealing® Master, 2012  and ThetaHealing® Certificate of Science, 2013, diplomas given by the  THInK® Institute.

Maria believes that everyone is a healer on his own self and that we can bring all areas of our lives under our control experiencing what is really best for our self-growth and soul. This is only possible when we get to know our full potential. Theta healing brings this knowledge and feeling.  She has experienced huge benefits, grace and positive changes in a very short time through the ThetaHealing® technique and therefore she wants to share this knowledge.


zusätzliche Referenzen

Other certificates and studies:
- Physical  Education  and  Sports teacher, University of  Athens, Greece
-Tai Yoga Massage Practioner,
-Tai Yoga Massage teacher assistant
-Vortex healer Basic, vortexhealing. com
-Yoga for pregnant women,


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