Jessica Davis

An Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor




""I highly recommend working with Jess! You will be amazed how deep the changes are that she can help you to create! I had multiple sessions with her regarding insecurities in my business and her insights were always so spot on and intuitive. I could feel the transformation immediately and find things changing around me in the days after, too! I felt totally understood and taken care of and had a lot of fun in each session, too. After each session I felt empowered to move forward in my business with more confidence and clarity! Thank you so much Jess, I’m looking forward to our next session!""

Christina Longbottom
Florida, USA

""Jess has been such an inspiration on so many levels! I had my first session with her about four months ago and literally so many veils were lifted for me. It was such an amazing experience. I’ve received so many different types of healings over many years and I’ve never walked away so changed as I did with this experience. It was like years of other therapy in one hour. Jess is so capable of getting to the deepest realms but in a way that isn’t scary at all, but is actually comforting and freeing. ​ I was so captivated by the experience I asked to know more and wanted to learn how to do that for others. Lucky me, She and her husband Nick had become certified in teaching ThetaHealing so I signed up!! So not only did I get to experience her as a healer, but also as a teacher! She was so calming and full of Grace and the course was so full of mind blowing information yet she was able to present in a way that made it easy to absorb. Again I just I have to say, I am inspired and so honored to have her and ThetaHealing in my life! So much for you!""

Jada Jones
Colorado Springs, CO, USA

""There was a life before Thetahealing & then there is a life after theta healing. The Universe brought me Jess and my life was forever changed. Her intuition is spot on & the sessions are incredibly effective. Thetahealing goes SO deep which is what’s needed to truly resolve issues. One of the most pleasant & unexpected miracles of Thetahealing is how fast it works. It was wild to see how my life changed after even 1 session. It was surprising to me to see how things from my past lives & various ancestral traumas were still playing out in my current real life. After doing work on the issues I was experiencing my mom reported to me no longer having the same issues even though I didn't tell her I had been working with them in my sessions with Jess. ​ Since working with Jess I have been much more patient & less reactive with my children, my relationship with my partner flows much easier & we are connecting from a place of truth rather than trauma, my worldview has shifted, I feel less fear, and I am able to participate in society much better. Life has gotten a lot simpler & easier since working with Jess...""

Kali Sunshine
Colorado Springs, CO, USA

""Once I started working with Jess I was able to detect, move, clear, and see the higher perspectives of who I am and hold for myself. Before working with Jess I would let my thoughts take over, analyze myself, and separate my mind with my full being. I now feel safely emerged with my mind, body, soul, and spirit. I have been in therapy numerous times and have tried EMDR but nothing has shifted my whole being into a greater realization of the power I hold, like working with Jess has. Her gentle tone nurtures me while opening the heavy doors of the past. She holds a compassionate space to help me alchemize my pain into lessons, love, and light. It has been such an empowering experience for me." "

Isabella Heape
Boulder, CO, USA

""Jess is dedicated to serving and always shows up at her very best to support who she is working with. Jess Is very unique in her work. I feel as though it’s the perfect blend of therapy and energetic healing. Some emotional patterns plague you for a long time and she is able to take you to the first memory of that experience, then to the next all while working with the emotions and mental pathways around the trauma. After you have explored this pattern and all the experiences connected to it she then gives you the opportunity to receive the creators perspective. To me on the energetics this looks like she is filling wounds in the body with liquid gold. Immediately after a session with Jess I feel lighter, grounded, and centered in my being. The next week or so I feel deep integration of the work we did taking place in me and my new reality. Every session with her I’ve found myself in a clearer space of understanding why my life has played out the way it has.""

Rani Archuleta
Colorado Springs, CO, USA

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