Lynne Cockrum-Murphy

An Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor



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Advanced DNA Phoenix, AZ  United States of America Oct 7 - 9, 2022 Erfahren Sie mehr

Über Mich

I am a ThetaHealer practitioner and instructor, an intuitive, an author and counselor. I also offer retreats and workshops which you can find on my website .
When working with clients I combine ThetaHealing with my skills as a licensed substance abuse counselor and access Divine guidance. I have been a healer and teacher for 35 years working in the Pacific Northwest, the Southwest and the Carribean.  
I am a retired special education teacher and university professor with a doctorate in educational leadership.
Today I help people with healing, with relationships, family and their careers, with spiritual growth and meditation.
My books include A Journey with Matityahu-Book 1 and Book 2Unfolding the Mystery of Self - We Are Never Alone and Living Hope - Steps to Leaving Suffering Behind.

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In addition to the certifications listed by THINK, I am a licensed substance abuse counselor (state of Arizona) and have a doctorate in educational leadership and supervision (2001, ASU).


"Thank you again for creating such peace and clarity for me yesterday. You have such a beautiful gift from God. - R. Wallace"

R. Wallace
Sun City, AZ

"Thank you for the reading. It was nice to get some fresh perspective. You are gifted and sincere. - L. J. "

Boulder, CO

"Taking the Theta Healing DNA1 was a pleasure. I was impressed by the effectiveness of the work. It will add beautifully to my work as an Energy Healer, Transformational Coach and Hypnotherapist. Thank you, Lynne, for your caring and insightful guidance throughout the class. I was very much looking forward to Theta Healing DNA2 – Advanced. It was very profound again and not only did we work on clients, but we also did a lot of clearings and healings on ourselves. I found this to be very impactful and a necessity when you are on a journey as a healer. Dig Deeper was again a very deep and insightful class. With the knowledgeable guidance of Lynne, I did learn a lot. She is very good finding the right questions to ask, which is crucial to this work. She also encourages you to bring forth your own insights and to use your intuition. Taking the class broadened my awareness and I am very impressed how quickly you can get profound results with Theta Healing. By using muscle testing the client has instant proof of these changes. "

Hannelore N.
Phoenix, AZ

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