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Animal Communicator, Artist, Chi Gong Instructor & Practitioner, Dog & Horse Behavior Modification Trainer & Healer, Instructor of Vianna Stibal's DNA 1 & 2, DNA Advanced, Intuitive Anatomy, Rainbow Children's & DNA 3 Courses, ThetaHealing RHYTHM, ThetaHealing Soul Mates, ThetaHealing Manifesting & Abundance, ThetaHealing World Relations, ThetaHealing Disease & Disorder, ThetaHealing Planes of Existence, ThetaHealingMinister, Pranic Healer, Reiki Master, K-12 Teacher & ThetaHealer Practitioner, ThetaHealing Master & 2013 ThetaHealing Certificate of Science Graduate.

Sky loves Vianna, ThetaHealing™ and manifesting with the Creator of All That Is. She exudes enthusiasm for life and is deeply inspired by how Thetahealing promotes compassion, love, understanding and hope.

Sky was drawn to ThetaHealing due to a personal injury and the need to heal. Recognizing Vianna’s teachings as the Highest Truth, Sky continued to study with and assist Vianna and Guy in over 25 seminars all over the US, Australia and New Zealand since 2003. Now Sky is a ThetaHealing practitioner and works with clients on the phone wherever she may be. She is an instructor of Vianna’s seminars: DNA 1 & 2, DNA Advanced, Intuitive Anatomy, Rainbow Children & DNA 3 Courses, ThetaHealing Manifesting & Abundance, ThetaHealing RHYTHM, ThetaHealing Soul Mates, ThetaHealing World Relations & ThetaHealing Disease and Disorders. During the infancy of ThetaHealing, Sky had the privilege and the honor of working very closely with Vianna and Guy in editing and rewriting manuals for Vianna’s seminars, further honing her skills as a ThetaHealer and fine-tuning her understanding of Vianna’s teachings. Sky completed received her Masters in ThetaHealing and ThetaHealing Certificate of Science at the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge (THInK) in Idaho September 2013 and will have completed all of the ThetaHealing elective courses by the end of 2013.

Sky graduated from University of California at Davis with honors, is a credentialed K-12 schoolteacher and is fluent in several languages. After working with children and their parents for more than 20 years and in bilingual education for more than 15 years, she is now teaching children and adults ThetaHealing internationally.

Sky is a practitioner of several different forms of medical Chi Gong, an artist and writer. She lives in abundance, beauty and gratitude in the coastal redwoods of Northern California with her partner and her animal friends.

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"Sky A’Hearn is every thing I needed in a ThetaHealer. Being relatively new to ThetaHealing, I was admittedly nervous about having someone I’ve never met “poking around” my energy, but Sky put me at ease immediately. I felt completely understood and supported through her humor and caring persona. Sky is a rare ThetaHealer. She has the uncanny ability to scan and identify blocks; often telling me what I need to work on, before I even know it’s an issue. I am continually inspired when I hear her positive, up beat voice cheer me on as I relay the remarkable changes in my life, thanks to our work together. I saw improvement in my life after ONE session! ThetaHealing can achieve the most dramatic results just by the client allowing the healer to activate this quick, painless process. In my experience, “allowing” relies on the trust between both healer and patient. Many people can DO healing, but I believe it takes a particular kind of person to BE a healer. Sky is just this kind of person. Sky creates a bond of trust, firmly rooted in integrity and love, making it safe for healing to take place on all levels; moving an already quick process to light speed. I would recommend Sky to anyone looking for a dramatic instantaneous healing, but for someone who has never experienced Theta Healing, Sky is the best call you will ever make. "

Pasadena, CA

"“In short ”Sky is a miracle! Yes, you read that correctly—a living, breathing, talking miracle.” 
I had the pleasure of attending a Basic ThetaHealing Seminar taught by Sky. I have taken this class twice before (each time from a different instructor). While those two seminars were a treat in their own way, they pale in comparison to the miracles witnessed and experienced in Sky’s seminar. Today is only day one of the three-day seminar and it has blown me away. Not only has everyone attending the seminar been able to visualize immediately, but also every student has experienced an instant, physical healing!!! WOW!!! In addition, the students learned how to muscle test and do the belief work in minutes. Even Sky was astounded by all of these events, which can be called nothing less than miracles!!! In the two previous classes I took, nothing of the sort occurred. Muscle testing took about an hour to learn, most students were confused with the belief work, and only a few experienced instant healings. Also, many of the students were frustrated by the inability to visualize myself included. This inability to visualize led me on a quest to find the perfect ThetaHealer for me. The search was over when I met Sky! As you may know, Sky experienced a series of accident that left her with sever brain trauma. This trauma led her to Vianna Stibal, founder of ThetaHealing, when the modality was still in its infancy. She became Vianna’s close friend and helped ThetaHealing become the powerful healing modality it is today. Sky is extremely committed to the integrity and purity of the work. In addition, she has completed nine years of intensive belief work on herself that I believe has led to the miraculous success of the students attending the Basic ThetaHealing seminar today. I am truly honored and blessed to have witnessed such powerful miracles!!” "

Ana Chavez
Mendocino County, CA

"I am still amazed at this new revolutionary technology. I have been dirt poor my entire life. Shortly after our phone session I actually met a woman and we saw clearly we were soul mates. This is truly an effective set of techniques! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am a much happier man as a result of your work with me. I can’t thank you enough! I changed more in 20 minutes with you, Sky, than I did in literally 1,000 A.A. meetings. No joke. Fear, paranoia, and anxiety melted effortlessly and I became much more whole. I love this stuff. "

Sereno S.
Marin, CA

"I wouldn’t have figured that out in 30 years of therapy! Thank you Sky! "

Maria O.
Santa Monica, CA

"Addiction is what really scares me. I don’t ever want a substance to control me. That’s exactly what started to happen because I was sick and in so much pain. Normally, I don’t talk to anyone about my addiction problems, let alone what’s going on with me. I keep way to myself —even with my wife. So thank you, Sky, for letting me open up to you. I identify with you. You’re a natural! You’re non-judgmental and I feel safe with you. I don’t feel threatened and I don’t feel like I can say the wrong thing to you. That’s what makes it easy. You supported me in finding tools and ways to help me pay attention to how I was caring for myself and by doing so, I was able to reduce my intake of pain medicine by half the very first day while my knee heals! By just listening and helping me come up with some basic tools I am consciously taking care of myself better, drinking water and nurturing myself instead of neglecting myself and absently taking too many pain meds. I thank you–and my wife thanks you! You’ve saved my marriage!"

Michael H.
North Bay, San Francisco, CA

""You make talking about the hard stuff easy"- Lisa B., Hillsborough, CA"

Lisa B.
Hillsbourough, CA

"I met Sky while working with the Croatian team who hosted Vianna in Croatia in 2014. She was apart of Vianna’s team who traveled with her around the world. My first impression of Sky, was how she dealt with people and how she made people feel. When welcoming students to the seminar, she approached them and connected directly to their heart and soul, as if she was telling them that they were her friend and that she loved them. No matter what language they spoke (because we had 15 different translators in those seminars) her love spoke loudly and clearly in all languages. Sky makes people feel good about them selves. All of this made organizing things between our team and Vianna’s throughout the three weeks of seminars much easier and more fun. I still remember Sky’s simplicity in resolving things. It's like she sees the fastest way to resolve something or looks for someone who will get something done and she goes for it. No need for complication. I like that. I got this feeling that Sky enjoys life and doesn't take it too seriously, while still having a presence of gratitude and depth. "

Ivan Jemric
Zagreb, Croatia

"I had the privilege of meeting and working with Sky in Santa Monica, California in 2011 as one of Vianna's teacher assistance along side Sky. I saw her beautiful, fun spirit there and her protective nature. Sky, you rock. From those days forward, we have become great friends and sisters. Sky's passion for ThetaHealing and drive to keep it pure and intact is obvious in her own practice, as well when she is Assisting Vianna in the classroom. Sky never looks for credit in All that she has done for ThetaHealing and the Stibals. Most recently Sky worked with me on soul mate issues. I am happy to say that within only three weeks a nice man has come into my life, as a friend first, and we will see what God has in store for our future. Thank you so much Sky for all you do and your dedication to being of service, receiving the gifts God- the Creator- has bestowed upon You. With total love and gratitude from my heart to yours, "

Jennifer Bulas
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan CANADA

"I met Sky when she was traveling as apart of Vianna’s team in México 2014 at ThetaHealing seminars where I witnessed her strong dedication for all that she does. I found her to be warm, funny and always with an abundance of love to share with those around her. As a ThetaHealer, she is fast and goes right to the bottom of the issues, and at the same time, she is patient and works until the session is finished, free from stress about time. Since, I’ve met her and worked with her, she has become a very special friend. "

Hans Balan

"I appreciate Sky's authenticity, her wild edge and her willingness to go to realms where many people are unwilling to go. I see the flicker of the divine in her eyes and sense that she has a connection to source that fuels her passion. "

Amber Weiss
Holistic Doctor & Physician Assistant, Santa Cruz, CA

"I’ve always found Sky enthusiastic, committed and totally dedicated to the work at hand. We've assisted together on many of Vianna's classes all around the world and I always knew I could trust her organizational skills and sense of humour, which are an especially essential ingredient to any team. It's always been a pleasure. "

Nancy Cate
ThetaHealing New Zealand Representative

"In the summer of 2004, my husband experienced a stroke after a successful brain surgery. This caused total paralysis of his left side and rendered him totally immobile; he could not talk nor eat. He was awake, but unaware, and totally unresponsive to all efforts to communicate with him. The doctor said he was so very sorry, but there was nothing he could do. About two or more hours later I left ICU and called Sky and asked for her help. She came to the hospital immediately and did a ThetaHealing. The results were startling and awesome. Within 15 minutes, my husband began to talk as naturally as if nothing had happened. We were feeding him his lunch when the nurse came in and stopped in her tracks, surprised that he was eating and sitting up. She regained her composure and asked him if he could move his left arm and leg and he said, "Well, of course I can!" and immediately raised them easily to their full extension. The nurse looked at us, shocked, exclaiming, "What have you all been doing in here?!" We smiled at each other knowing we had witnessed a miracle and said, "ThetaHealing." It has been three years now and he has remained healed. Thank you, Creator. And thank you, Sky. "

Sandra Englis
Idaho Falls, ID

"There are many wonderful practitioners in Australia, and of course, throughout the World, but I am grateful to say I found a special connection with Sky. I have been having ThetaHealing sessions via Skype from Australia with Sky for over about five years. Depending on what I have had going on, we do sessions weekly, or bi-monthly or sometimes even months apart. Regardless, I know she’s there for me when I need her.In my first session with Sky, she was able to help me by healing my right knee, which had been giving me grief and preventing me from being able to walk for months.Over the years, Sky has been able to help me with so many breakthroughs and healings- -including being able to be in a relationship again after years of abuse, financial situations, medical & post-operation recovery, manifesting, clearing out much trauma and “ill” programming, mentoring, and helping me to be able to live my passion, while also being a wonderful mum…the list really does go on and on. I had instant trust with Sky. She hasn’t let me “escape” when I am pretty good at “side-stepping” during the process. Sky has a magical, natural talent. What I find to be super awesome about Sky, is she empowers you to empower yourself through Creator of All That Is! She really does have a genuine love for our beautiful planet, all that exists, and of course, a great sense of humor. So much love and gratitude to you, Sweet Sky! "

Talitha Talarek
ThetaHealer, Brisbane Australia

"Sky is just amazing! Enough said."

Sara Bullard
ThetaHealer, Lake Tahoe, CA

"Like her name means, she is a Sky of a woman!!! I am thankful to God and life for meeting her and being a witness of immense love that she transmits. Blessings abound wherever Sky goes!!!"

Ana Karina Roa

"Well let me tell you, that life can give you twists and turns, some are pleasant journeys and some are very painful to travel through. I have been going through a mixture for the last ten years. Going from not being able to walk, and living in constant pain to being completely pain free. Each part of the journey has taught me something. Life is worth living even when you think you cannot go on. Just keep looking forward and what you need to learn and know will show up. You may not think that comes at the right time or is on your time schedule but truly it is. People show up right on time. They may have tried earlier to enter your life or the solution may have started to come to you but you turned away from it and continued to look at the negativity of what was happening. If only you take the time to redirect your gaze, turn from pain that is holding your gaze upon the problem, the solution will show up. You must learn to say no to yourself when you find that you are consistently repeating the negative. When you find this happening stop, turn and look in a new direction because what you are doing is not for your best interest. Turn, look, and wait. It will arrive in a new thought, new person, a new location. Just know that it will come. Your best is yet to come. Too many times we do not stop and listen. The world is waiting for us to listen. She can speak to you in many different ways, we just keep ourselves so busy that we do not stop to think and listen for the unknown. After 14 years of this process, I finally stopped and listened. It came in the form of Sky. I can tell you that a class with Sky will change your life and open up a whole new world for you. You can go from being in constant pain to being pain free. I did, in taking her Basic DNA class. Sky hooks you up with the creator, you feel the connection and it stays with you. The creator uses Sky to help you turn in the direction of your calling. For some it will just be to be healed, some it will be to share, and some it will be to teach. Whatever you do, know that it is the right thing for you. Everything always works out for you. It has for me. After Sky’s first class and learning theta the Creator has changed my life in the following ways: I had been in pain from a car accident in early 2012, tried everything, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Physical Therapy, Heller work, Shots to the back, I was at the last step and facing a back surgery. Then went to the Class, asked Sky to ask Creator to do a healing on me and was instantly healed. Since 2006 Joseph and I were moving almost every year, renting places that never worked out. We had been looking at homes off and on for 2 years. We would make an offer on a home but we would always lose out. Which now I am so happy we did. The homes were ones that my husband liked but just were not what I dreamed off and he was not ready to be a homeowner. I wanted a home of my own so bad. At the first class Sky taught us how to manifest. I took it and ran with it. I manifested a home that is magnificent; it has a view of Puget Sound and Tacoma out the back, and Mount Rainier out the front. The creator provided the home and the money to make it happen. It was more than what I envisioned in the manifest but the creator wanted to give us a big surprise and we found it on a whim. The creator showed me the house on the Internet late the night before, and I thought it was a great looking house but way out of our price range, $100,000 out of our range. The next morning we had an appointment with Matthew our Realtor to look at a Home. We met up and looked at the house, which turned out to be a total flop. It needed so much work and was falling apart. We happened to be driving close to this house so I suggested we stop by. In less than 5 minutes, Matthew called and arranged for us to view the house in a half hour. We were only going to look at it because it was close by. We walked in the door and the home spoke to us and made us feel like YES I am yours and you are mine. We looked at each other just inside the front door and without looking at the rest of the house, told Matthew we wanted this home. Joseph told Matthew to make it happen. Then we looked at the rest of the house. Just as we were leaving, the owner drove up in his white truck, he wanted to chat and told us he had some special things to show us about the house. Then as we were leaving he told us that he had just received a cash offer for the house. Matthew said it would be a miracle if we got the house but he would put in our offer. We went home and I manifested like Sky had taught me…. like a banshee. Then the next morning, Matthew, who was really surprised, informed us that we had the house. We acquired the loan, which was a miracle too within a day, we only had to wait for the paperwork. This all happened within a month of Sky teaching us to manifest. Before the class, I felt that I was just the person at work that everyone expected me to do all the jobs they didn’t like and that they did not appreciate me. After taking the class with Sky, that all changed. Due to the believe work and feeling work, my situation changed. I noticed that I was more a part of the group. They really did appreciate and enjoyed working with me, they quit giving me all the shit work. They were treating me with respect. I had one co-worker that always would put you down or belittled you. That stopped and then she sent an email to our boss complimenting me and standing up for me. I was shocked. Since the class people come to my desk, visit and talk, where before they would avoid me somewhat, or it was more like I wanted them to avoid me. First Healing. After the first class when I went home, My mother-in-law called and said she needed us to come down and see her right away. Her husband, about 4 months previously had open-heart surgery. My husband, Joseph, had really bad allergies to cats and dogs. They have two dogs. I told him that I would not go with him unless he had the creator heal his allergy. I did not want to drive down there for 7 hours and have to turn around and come home because he eyes would swell shut and he was unable to breathe, like it happened in the past. Allergy medication did little to help him. So he agreed for me to use the Theta on him. We spent 4 days down with his Mom and he did not react to the animals at all. Second Healing. After Joseph’s Mom saw that Joseph was cured of his allergies and he explained how it happened, she requested that her Hip be healed. She was in lots of pain and was having trouble walking and taking a lot of painkillers. So what’s a girl to do but help her mother-in-law. To this day she is happy and doing great. By the way, she is 82. I needed Money to take the Advanced Theta Class in California. I wanted to take the class and did not have the money; my husband told me I could go take the class if I could come up with the money. I had none saved as we were just purchasing the house. I talked to Sky in the morning and informed her I would be unable to take the class unless money just fell into my little hands. I was so disappointed. I would need money for the flight to California, the place to stay and then the class. So what to do, but manifest. I went to my desk and gave my request to the creator like Sky taught me. To my surprise, I received a call from the adjustor within the hour wanting to negotiate a settlement on the car accident. We talked and I received the money within two days. The Creator provided it all, Advanced Theta, I was there, Loved the other students, it was a great group. I could go on and on. I never thought so much could change in so little space of time. I love beginning each day with the knowledge that there are possibilities for me, which one to choose. Take a class with Sky and she gives you your life back with a feeling of joy, happiness, and a sense of adventure. This is only a small touch of the beginning of my new life that Sky has opened up to my understanding. Come take a journey of adventure with Sky. Come play with us and experience the world in a whole new outstanding way. You too can achieve great things. Sky has showed me that we are only limited by our own beliefs of limitation. Expand yours to include us. Life consists of our connections and willingness to accept change for the enhancement of our existence and the universe. Let’s not save the best for the last. Start today. It only takes one little baby step. I dare you to begin your adventure. Amazement. That’s the only word you need when you learn from Sky. "

Annette Wilson
Tacoma, WA

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Sky travels throughout the United States and internationally to teach ThetaHealing courses and invites students from around the world to join her for her special 7-day Beyond Imagination Retreats in beautiful Mendocino County, in Northern California, USA. 
Sky schedules private sessions and group calls with people all over the world via phone and Skype.  
Contact Sky via email:
or Call:  707-340-5759

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