Tanya Gabriele

An Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor, Master, Certificate of Science


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Über Mich

Hi! My name is Tanya. I've been doing ThetaHealing for the past 10 years, and teaching ThetaHealing since 2015. I have witnessed many miracles in my life and the life of others using this amazing technique, and have used it to transform my life in many ways. I hope you will discover the magic of this technique and use it to transform your life too. I use these tools in my own life every day to take the next steps forward. I'm Looking forward to connecting with you soon!
Bio Below.

After working for several years in technology and fashion, my path led me to something unexpected and rather different while living in Europe and traveling: Having been raised between cultures and disciplines, my curiosity, love and fascination of different cultures and the way their beliefs impact society as a whole and individuals through the collective consciousness led me to study ThetaHealing®. As a certified ThetaHealing instructor, I'm grateful and passionate to teach the art of ThetaHealing simply because it is amazing and life changing. 

As a former Creative Director of a technology start-up, I work with individuals from a variety of disciplines internationally with a specialization in the fields of creativity and technology.   

Some of my favorite people to work with are the skeptics - who once are shown how to tap into source and use it - become believers and co-creators

I'm a Milan-New York City- transplant based in San Francisco, originally from the Bahamas.



zusätzliche Referenzen

  • Internal Family Systems Therapy®
  • IFS Coaching certification for the alignment of internal systems & self leadership
  • The Academy of Coaching Excellence - Success Coaching
  • HeartMath® Clinical Certification for Stress, Anxiety & Emotional Regulation
  • Access Consciouness 
  • QHHT® Practitioner (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique past life regression)


""You'll want hours with Tanya. In retrospect, belief and Theta Healing is the single most important thing you could do to change your life for the better. I would have Tanya on retainer weekly if I could, she has healed not only my body/mind/spirit but brought clarity to my life purpose and business. I'd suggest minimum an hour. It's like an Inner Engineering class. The 3 day DNA workshops are worth every penny. Give a man a fish you feed him for a day, teach him to fish you feed him for a lifetime. Eventhough I'm now a certified healer myself (she's the best teacher as well) I still seek Tanya because she's the Dalai Lama to my monk.""

- Jessica L.
San Francisco, CA

""There are some people that can merely help get you through the ebb and flow of life, and then there is Tanya, not just getting you unstuck, but opening up your eyes and bringing you to your fullest potential. She delves into the core of who you are, reveals subconscious beliefs and pre-dispositions, and re-programs your thinking. It's often more comfortable to hide, ignore yourself, or stuff your face with comfort food (my fave), when your life becomes off or when the stresses become too unbearable. But trust me, fully knowing and healing has been the most liberating experience, and it showed personally and professionally. I am forever grateful for having met Tanya, because how you view the world after you meet her is as if you are a different person, having shed your old crusty armor. The DNA 1 class was mind-blowing, and as I continue the others, it is consistently rewarding to be able to know Tanya and these tools. People always ask me how I got to where I am, thinking that success and happiness were by-products of material and external things- but I would have to say it was Tanya, and being open, so that light can crack open the darkness.""

- Emily L.
San Francisco, CA

""There is no mincing her words or misunderstanding her approach; Tanya gets right to the point and then removes the thorn. In my mind there are two sides to the personal advancement battle: establishing your obstacle and overcoming it. Unlike most everyone else, Tanya attacks them both and gets you results right away. Our work has helped me peel away layers, smash blocks that I didn’t know existed, and plot a course to an even richer potential than I’d imagined. She is a ticket to freedom and fulfillment! Don’t miss the opportunity to work with this gifted soul.”"

- Michael M.
Los angeles, CA

""I would highly recommend Tanya to anyone who wants to make changes to their life that last. I that have heard about Tanya's work from a friend and was always curious about what Theta Healing is. I did remain curious about her work and decided to give it a try and have a session with her. I was quite amazed at how relaxing and calming it felt not just during the session but after it! I definitely could feel my energy and motivation levels go up! I became very interested in Theta Healing and thanks to my work with Tanya I ended up taking a Theta Healing class myself to learn more which was truly transformational not just because of how powerful this technique is but especially because how gifted Tanya is at both working with clients and teaching it. The best thing about Theta Healing is that it is a rather simple but powerful technique but as with anything - it's best to work with someone who is highly skilled and passionate about it and Tanya certainly is!""

- Jo Anna K
San Francisco, CA

""Tanya is great at helping me grow in my personal and professional life. I've tried different types of therapy or personal coaches in my life and this has been far and beyond the best experience! I highly recommend working with her!""

- Emmie C
San Francisco, CA

""“My work with Tanya has completely changed my life. It has been one of the most powerful and transforming experiences that I have had. In our very fist session, I felt the transformation within me, and for the very fist time I immediately felt the healing, peace, love and acceptance I had been searching for. Something inside of me completely changed. I felt once again reconnected with with myself, with God. Everyone around me noticed the change. I feel lighter, happier, at peace with a deeper understanding of self. The connection with my faith has become easier, clearer and stronger. I am incredibly grateful for all of the work we have done together.”"

- Katy E
Dubai, UAE

"The three-day ThetaHealing DNA workshop with Tanya Gabriele, certified ThetaHealing Instructor & Practitioner is amazing, powerful, and transformational. Tanya teaches this vital information in a clear and easily-understood way, and she knows what she's talking about. You can tell she loves sharing ThetaHealing with her students by her joy and enthusiasm. If you are searching for a way to be more successful in ANY area of your life, look no further--Tanya and ThetaHealing have exactly what you need. DON'T WAIT! Results are immediate, measurable, and profound. Tanya's DNA ThetaHealing workshop truly is "as good as it gets.""

- Anita C.
San Francisco, CA

"Tanya is the best! I've finished a three days training and can't wait for the next one. Amazing experience, super knowledgeable instructor, very well organized training. Life changing experience overall!!! Tanya was open, full of positive energy that she shared with us, and her experience with lots of practice. I am so grateful to meet her and having an opportunity to work with her. Highly recommended!!!!"

- Yulia P.
San Carlos, CA

"Tania is a wonderful light worker with a huge heart! We met serendipitously and upon learning what she did I was so excited to experience a theta healing session. What I left with from the session exceeded my expectations - I had been able to do significant work on beliefs that had started in my childhood in just one hour with her. Her presence was great and she knew just what questions to ask to take me exactly where I needed to go. If you're looking for support on your path to emotional healing, Tania is it!"

- Maria F.
Juno Beach, FL

"Just completed ThetaHealing DNA workshop with Tanya G. The class had so much info to digest & new things I've never even heard of before to learned but Tanya helped me understand it and applied to everyday's life. It was definitely a life changing experience. I highly recommend trying a session or take the class with Tanya."

- Fon C.
Menlo Park, CA

"Tanya is a kind authentic knowledgeable teacher and healer. I absolutely loved her teaching style and the incredible amount of wisdom she imparted on me during this class. Theta Healing is a powerful modality that is changing my world and the world of those around me. I am a healer and teacher of healing arts myself and I am finding this modality to blend really well with other methods. I am really looking forward to continuing my Theta Healing classes with Tanya over the next few years."

- Tamara N.
Berkeley, CA

"Hello Tanya, I would like to thank you for your wonderful class DNA1. It was a life changing event for me. Learning the material was a lot of fun and it all thanks to you! you made it very easy to learn! The way you teach your class is absolutely amazing. When leaving your class I thought to myself: if all subjects were taught this way we probably had a better outcome! Its relaxing, its fun, its informative, its eye opening :) Thank you for all your time and dedication and also for being so open for questions and outside of the class help. I do not remember feeling so excited and so relaxed in years. I already felt this shift after the first meeting with you! I also enjoyed the workshop a lot; I thought it was very helpful to practice our new knowledge; other than that I am practicing it every day and got very addicted to feeling better :) Thank you again! Can't wait for the DNA 2 class! "

- Kristina B.
San Francisco, CA

"“For more than twenty years the best way out for me was always head on, in the fast lane, excessively compulsively forward when it came to work, play and relationships. Always extreme highs and even lower lows from elation to despair and back again. It wasn't until I met Tanya who saw right through me, who stared fearlessly into what I thought was an abyss and revealed to me the wellspring that exists within me and all of us and to help me break this cycle. Tanya helped me realize through her sessions why this “do or die” approach to life has been a fundamental part of my identity and what also steps I could take towards, real empowerment, long term healing and true change. She helped me address issues and traumas and rediscover my internal compass to find the way out towards joy and fulfillment. It’s a process and I can’t think of anyone who I trust more than Tanya to guide me through this journey. She is patient, inspiring, generous, loving and discreet. ""

Turner M.
New York City / Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

"“My experience with Tanya was transformational. I have experienced the peacefulness I had been longing for. It has felt like waves of unconditional love washing over me, releasing old patterns and behavior, creating space for new possibilities. Tanya is a beautiful and gentle spirit with a rare gift. Anybody who has the opportunity to work with her is truly blessed. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone wanting to explore a deeper understanding of self.” "

Martine B.
London, England

"“When thinking about how to describe my journey with Tanya I find myself speechless. Tanya has brought so much insight and peace into my life by delving deep into my core soul belief system. She is able to unlock the subconscious mind by asking all the right questions, which she does with so much genuine love and patience. The awakening and healing that I am able to discover and accomplish in just one session is truly remarkable. Tanya is the definition of Intuition. She is the real deal. Tanya has such a beautiful and special gift, which I encourage you to experience for yourself.”"

Lexie G.
Los Angeles, CA

"I feel good. I felt like there was a grey cast on me and it disappeared when I went up to the 7th plane. My mind feels crystal clear and like I belong to somewhere for the first time in a long time. It's like finding the missing puzzle piece. I don't feel sad and depressed at work and I don't complain that much anymore. :) "

Anonymous Student, ThetaHealing Basic Class
San Francisco, CA

""I have been working with Tanya for quite a while now, and she has become my beloved and trusted guide on my Theta healing journey. Tanya is a very patient teacher who listens, understands and guides her students and clients through some of their toughest issues.  Without getting too personal, I’d like to say that the practical intuitive skills and tools I've learned through my in class workshops, private training and individual sessions with Tanya - such as future readings, manifesting, body scanning, belief work, and many more - are helping me every day in my personal and professional life to strengthen and elevate my relationships, while taking my understandings & perceptions about everything to a whole new level I never thought possible, as I deepen my spiritual connection. Tanya is one of the most enlightened people I’ve met. She’s is very bright and radiates kindness and love. Her calm, understanding, and empathetic demeanor makes every interaction with her a treat that I’m always looking forward to!""

Marina G.
San Francisco, CA

"Hi, Tanya! I want to say thank you so much. You are amazing teacher and awesome ThetaHealer. You really can feel and see everything, even deeper, than anybody could imagine. Every time you work on my believes, I definitely feel how my feelings change about the situations we work on. I know it works 100% and it helps me change my life and move forward with achieving my goals ☺️ I believe, people meet each other for a reason. When I looked for a Thetahealing teacher, I just randomly picked you. I've met and worked with a lot of ThetaHealing instructors before meeting you, and I can definitely say that you are an awesome teacher. It’s really nice to be around you, and getting information from you is so easy and clear. You're very supportive and available to answer questions in class as well as after class. Thank you for being you, and I wish many new cool students to have this experience"

Nataliya J
San Jose, CA

"Tanya. Thank you so much. I can definitely see the difference now with my mindset and change of beliefs. It was a very healing time for me and I definitely recommend for anyone wanting to break free from the past to work with you ! "

San Jose, CA

"Since taking class with Tanya my life has so beautifully and drastically transformed for the positive. Its helped me get in touch with my own intuitive abilities. I have such a new level of awareness, and so much of this was through the guidance, mentorship and teaching of Tanya. ​She understands the ThetaHealing technique so well and so deeply. Not only that, she brings in a whole new level of input from her multifaceted experience and provides you with such clarity while teaching. ​Her ability to transfer information from the course and also energetically has been so very helpful. I've taken several classes from several teachers, and she is one of the best I've taken classes from. Classes with her are so healing and nurturing. It has been so incredibly rewarding. I can't wait to take the next class with Tanya specifically." "

Raghdan H
Dubai, UAE

"I started working with Tanya in the summer of 2019. I was nearly 20 years into my career and 10 years of devoted spiritual and personal growth work. And yet, I was stuck in most aspects of my life. I had several narcissistic people in my life, draining my energy and fun. I was yearning for a family of my own. Also, I had been working a string of companies that had promise but weren't doing great. I was wondering when my life would finally turn. I had been working with another theta practitioner when I decided to learn the modality myself. I saw Tanya's picture and felt strongly that I wanted to work with her. I took the introductory theta course with her and was hooked - I felt connected to the technique but more importantly I felt the power of Tanya. Tanya is a very caring and thoughtful instructor - she tunes into her students and is able to figure out what each person needs in her subtle way. On multiple occasions, she has stayed past class hours to work with students. She's incredibly tireless in ensuring her students are understanding the material and are also emotionally safe and comfortable. And of course, Tanya is a gifted healer and being in her presence in itself is very uplifting and soothing. The classes were so effective that I decided to have private sessions on certain topics. The personal sessions allowed me to hone in on certain stickier topics. I've worked on everything from bad habits to relationship issues to work concerns. Tanya is incredibly insightful and is able to get to the root of an issue very quickly. I was always amazed to learn what was truly underneath some of my lingering issues. After ten years of trying to work through them with other modalities and personal growth experts, I was finally being set free. Within two years of working with Tanya, my life has completely transformed. The company I worked for was sold for over a billion dollars and my career started rising. I started receiving industry accolades and am now a sought-after speaker and investor. I was able to move out of my apartment and manifest the perfect property for me. The people around me are now supportive, loving and kind. I was able to create the family I always wanted, including having a healthy baby. But most importantly, I feel confident, joyful and more at ease more than ever before. I feel more like myself than ever before. Tanya will continue to be a trusted partner in my life, career and personal growth. I would re-invest with Tanya a million times over and working with her is a non-negotiable for me today. "

Silicon Valley, CA

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