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"I have worked with Dr Allison personally as a client and professionally as healer, called to bring Theta Healing to others. I have received theta healing from Dr Allison on several occasions. Each session left me feeling unburdened and filled with peace. She brings all of who she is and shows up to every session for the highest and greatest good of her clients. God put us together not only for me to receive divine healings but to train with Dr Allison to become a Medical Intuitive. As with her healing sessions, Allison puts her all into the training sessions. She co-creates with Spirit and speaks from her soul center. Her pure intention is to teach the ThetaHealing technique to as many students who show up to learn. I continue to be amazed at her depth of knowledge and commitment to healing others always grounded in love. With love and gratitude "

Barbara D

"My first experience with Theta Healing was just over two years ago when my mother was diagnosed with cancer. I was experiencing a lot of fear around losing my mother. I reached out to Dr.Allison in hopes of releasing some of those fears and clearing some of my own childhood traumas. After my first session I felt extremely relieved that what I was experiencing was unresolved traumas and that with a few sessions we would be able to resolve and clear my fears. During our sessions there were many times I felt an instant letting go within my body. Other times I had a peaceful nights rest. After a few weeks I began to have an overwhelming sense that my life was shifting for the better. I returned to see Dr.Allison about 9 months later when I had a back injury that had me down for several days. We again worked through my current life situation and brought to the surface some unresolved issues that had led me into my injury. Once those beliefs were cleared a few days later I was back to normal. "

Ericka C

"I discovered Theta healing at the end of July in 2020 and I have NEVER regretted one session or class I’ve taken. I highly recommend EVERY ONE to experience the life changing modality of Theta Healing. As you go through life, you often hear these common phrases: “Just let it go”. “You need to let it go”. “Give it to God”. “You need to love yourself”. I always understood intellectually what people were saying, however; I always longed to FEEL that in my inner being, but never knew how to get there and those in my life didn’t understand what I was talking about. After a toxic romantic relationship dissolved, I began the quest of “Loving myself” just like people told me, even thou they could never tell me how to love myself or what that even began to look like. I was following Dr. Allison on Instagram and she had a post about the “inner child” and it resonated with me deeply and with that said, I dove into theta healing without even knowing how the healing modality worked because I was following my gut feeling. I told myself I’d commit to 3-one hour sessions and if I didn’t notice anything I would stop. Let me say this: I’ve had over 32 individual theta healing sessions and have completed 5 theta healing seminars (200 hours) with Dr. Allison, all within a year. Theta Healing is LIFE ALTERING. For the first time in my life (34years old) I have found what I have been longing for - inner love, inner guidance, inner wisdom, inner peace, being/enjoying the present moment AND to operate from my heart. Theta healing goes into your subconscious mind and finds limiting beliefs and by connecting to the Creator of all that is, you can release them and free yourself from this operating system that you didn’t know was even operating. Do not settle for “This is how I am” or this is “Just how life will be” With the digging technique in this healing modality, you can find the root belief that is causing those thoughts and change your life in ways you have been dreaming of. It’s time to make a commitment to yourself! Make those dreams a reality! Join Dr. Allison for individual sessions today!"

Ashlee Morris

"There are so many wonderful things I can say about Dr A and theta healing. The most important is that after healing sessions and some classes, I feel like it’s actually possible and it’s safe to exist in my own body, with my own thoughts, and to manifest the life I’d love to live. Coming from illness, physical and emotional trauma, and ptsd, to taking a chance on myself in practicing theta healing is a MIRACLE. It's ThetaHealing! There's always something to heal and now I have a powerful tool and support system in the community Dr A has built."

Daisy S
New York

"So after my 6 sessions, I can say that I think theta healing is amazing. Not only does it get right to the root trauma/cause/programming so quickly but then it moves you right through it to heal and reprogram. It’s like years of therapy in each session. I feel so much lighter. So much of my negative self talk and anxiety is gone which leaves more room for love and gratitude. My wish is that everyone could experience this.Thanks so much to Dr Snowden! "

Frieda M.

"I wanted to take the time to write a review for Allison’s ThetaHealing intuitive anatomy training for anyone curious or contemplating going themselves. If you are thoroughly ready to heal and shift your life… the way you see yourself forever- DO IT. I had previously done the online ThetaHealing classes with Allison which were amazing… but there is something so incredibly powerful about being held in person in her sacred space for 3 weeks straight. I released so much pain and trauma buried deep within my physical and energetic body. By the end of the three weeks, the deep rooted lack of confidence and constant second guessing I'd suffered from my entire life was lifted completely. I came back home a changed person. The difficult circumstances in my outer reality back home hadn’t yet shifted but I have the deep knowledge that it is. That it’s already happened. That was something I didn’t have before intuitive anatomy and it crippled me from moving forward.I also feel so excited and aligned as I begin my own journey as a Thetahealer… I’d always wanted to help others as my career path but prior to Intuitive Anatomy never had the confidence to feel that I could. I’m so grateful these blocks have been lifted and I listened to my heart’s calling to go. It’s truly the best thing I could’ve done for myself. "

Brittany K.

"Tap into the power of self healing with Theta Therapy. ThetaHealing is a type of meditative state that connects us to “the creator”, “the universe”, or whichever spiritual philosophy you subscribe to. Dr Snowden helps facilitate the connection to this all powerful energy source. With her guidance I was able to clear current and past traumas. I was able to connect on such a profound and subconscious level. We were able to tap into the vast energies and work on self healing for my body, mind and spirit. Dr Snowden helped me unlock and unpack major mental blocks and helped me create a better, more connected and more centered life. I will be forever grateful for her and this magical practice! "

Jenn F.

"I find it really hard to put into words how much my life has improved since finding Dr. Allison and Theta Healing. How do you express what it truly feels like to love, accept, trust & respect yourself? How do you write down the feeling of lifetimes of pain, shame, grief and trauma being lifted from your shoulders? There are no words. It feels incredible. Equally magical is the loving, non-judgmental witness Dr. Allison has been for me while heal my deepest pain and traumas - possibly the best gift of all. Thank you Dr. Allison for being the answer to my prayers."

Emily S.

"Dr Allison Snowden is a phenomenal Theta Healing Teacher. Her deep passion, abundant experience and purpose-filled mission make her the perfect one to learn from. Even if you never plan on holding sessions I highly recommend taking her courses to become certified. You step into a higher version of yourself through the certification process and take away a deeper understanding of Theta Healing as well as a closer connection to the Creator Of All That Is "

Nicole W.

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