Dr. Sung Yang

An Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor, Certificate of Science



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Über Mich

"Evolution of individual consciousness contributes to the Unified field of Consciousness of All."

She is a holistic, intuitive, and spiritual practitioner and teacher.

She had experienced a miraculous healing of her own physical illness by manifestation.

She has been passionately helping people to live their best lives through natural and energetic healing therapies for over 20 years!

She majored in Nutrition and Food Science in university in 1991 and has been practicing Chiropractic and Nutritional Counseling since 2000. Then she became certified as a QHHT(Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) level 2 practitioner and ThetaHealing® practitioner and instructor.

She is happier than ever and filled with love!  Now, more than ever, She would like to share her love and gratitude with you.  She would be honored to be part of your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing journey.  

Welcome to the most exciting journey there is! Not only for yourself, but also for the unified collective consciousness.



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Doctor of Chiropractic
BS in Food Science & Nutrition
QHHT(Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) Level 2 Practitioner
BQH(Beyond Quantum Healing) Past Life Regression Therapy Practitioner
NRT(Nutrtion Response Testing) Practitinoer


"It was magical from the very beginning. Sung's voice and rhythm started and when I closed my eyes I was immediately feeling body lighter and lighter until the feeling of being in levitative mode. I reached another higher dimension within seconds with her "taking my hand" all the time. Once there, we spoke about what I brought to fix in myself and it was so touching, so deep and surprisingly it came out a belief never dealt with other healing techniques. I had learned from childhood not to ask for help! What a difficult way of living is if you do not ask or accept help from others! With Sung's excellent way of asking questions and compassionate way of speaking this became very easy to see, accept and remove that wrong belief that was in my unconscious mind from childhood. Once peace and forgiveness was installed in my new me, I could not feel more relieved. Once the session ended I went outdoors to feel the breeze and fresh air in my face, which always do for grounding. I look up to the sky and a big white cloud immediately formed a smiley face in front of me. Tears were again running on my face. What a wonderful confirmation from Creator. What a wonderful session. Thank you Sung for naturally perform almost a miracle. With love and gratitude. "

Ray F.

"Across time and dimensions healing session My experience with Sung was life changing. She knows when to ask the best questions that will take you where you need to go for the healing to take place. This is very important as this can dictate where the session will take you. You can feel her energy assisting you during the session. In my session we went to the root cause of my issue and worked with it until it was dissolved and understood. Thank you Sung for this opportunity! "

Bogdan M.

"Sung in a natural healer! You can feel her put her heart and soul into her sessions. I was blessed to have three ThetaHealing sessions with her. We addressed issues that was a long time coming. One major example of which a session helped me realize that I gave my love to someone more than I offered to myself. She helped me release that plus the co-dependency that not putting yourself first can create. It has been three months since that healing and not only was it an instant resolution but I feel a permanent one. I have since put myself first and not only did that help myself, but it helped that individual as well. You will be amazed by what guided healing can do. That was just one issue of many that is resolved. Sung is a skilled and caring practitioner that has many tools and experience under her belt. If you are considering ThetaHealing, just do it! No better time than now to work on self-healing and self-care. "

Carrie Y.

"양승희선생님~♡ 귀한 시간을 제게 양보해주심에 감사해요♡ 세타힐링을 통해 예정치못한 경로로 가는 신비한 체험을 합니다. 왜 궁극적 힐링이라고 하는지 알 것 같아요~ 지금의 내 마음들... 그것이 어디서부터 오는 것인지 그러다 찾게되는 삶의 부분들 그리고 차오르는 감정과 새로운 발견들 이내 찾아오는 치유 쏟아져나오는 눈물 아픔이후 찾아오는 감격 그리고 기쁨... 세타힐링을 하고 난 후 제 몸은 너무나 부드럽고쿠션감 좋고 기분좋은 솜방망이 같은 막이 생긴 것 같은 느낌입니다~ 그 전에는 아주 빳빳한 방어막이었다면은요 사랑의 감정으로 충만해지는 기분을 느끼다보니 나오는 말의 예민함도 많이 뭉툭해지는 것 같아요 제가 방어적인 자세에서 보들보들해집니다. 즉각적으로 말이죠 오늘은 세상어디에서도 얻을 수 없는 깨달음을 얻었어요 양승희선생님의 가이드와 연결을 통해 만난 내 안의 나 잊을 수 없는 감격의 시간이었습니다. 나의 시간들, 사람들, 일들 그 가운데 나를 막고 있던 모든 무거운 것들을 흘려보냅니다. 용서합니다. 이해합니다. 그 안에서 배웁니다. "

Ju K.

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