Michele Junqueira

An Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor




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Über Mich

I am Michele Junqueira, and my journey of working with child development and the unity of a family as an Occupational Therapist, got me to understand that emotional health is the most important piece of our lives.

Our emotions travels with us through time and space, through generations and through past lives. It determines everything we attract in to our present lives and our life's patterns. 

In a very young age, I have had accessed my purpose in helping people to connect with their emotions, their uniqueness and their soul purpose. All of these, while enjoying the amazing way of living in Planet Earth.

Being able to connect those emotions from processing them at this present moment and what is carried over from the past, as well as to reframe those feelings and emotional traumas that once existed, is to be able to open a new door for a present and future life full of abundance.


Having techniques, such as the ThetaHealing, the Multidimensional Therapy, the Arcturian Healing, and Feng Shui allows me to have a broad spectrum of knowledge in helping individuals, families, employees and employers to ascend theirs soul uniqueness in light and progress of a present moment within peace, productivity and meaning.

My purpose is to help you in your spiritual development to co-create a life conducive of unconditional love and peace, as well as to help you live in a environment with unlimited abundance. Today, I light up us all in our physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual path.


So, join me in this journey with individual or group sessions, as well as classes to become a healer your self!!! Experience a life of manifesting any thing you desire!

With Light and Love,

Michele Junqueira


"What fun and uplifting Thetahealing class we had this past few days with Michele Junqueira, @EmbraceYourSensitiveSoul. I am so grateful to have the chance to discover more about our own divine powers, for this opportunity to learn how to heal others and ourselves using all own divine energy. Looking forward to see what doors will open with this new knowledge. Much love to you Michele. ❤️"

Katia Lisita
Miami, FL

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